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It is Le Ciel Foundation and the Holistic Visions Community’s great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2023 Holistic Visions Training Program. This year-long, collaborative journey has been designed to bring to life interconnected and holistic solutions that support the emergence of a more peaceful, harmonious world.

As part of this educational and co-creational program, you will collaborate with a community of 144 changemakers exploring group coherence and collective intelligence to access models that could deeply transform our way of living and collaborating with all life. Working through personal conditioning and acquiring a deeper understanding of yourself in the process.


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We hope this mission resonates with you and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

The Le Ciel team



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Le Ciel Foundation’s mission

We are a UK-based charity  Le Ciel Foundation. Our mission is to reverse the current societal and environmental collapse and create greater connection, balance, and harmony with all life on Earth for us and the seven generations to come by quickly and widely reintegrating primordial wisdom into society. 

We achieve this through educational films and programs and the development of conscious co-creational frameworks, societal templates and governance models.

To learn more about Le Ciel Foundation, please watch the presentation video just above this Q&A or browse our website.

Holistic Visions mission

The Holistic Visions mission brings together groups of 144 people at a time, thought leaders, creatives and subject matter experts from over 30 countries, who are addressing the fundamental tenets of a more balanced and ecologically minded society together. All this takes place within a spiritual framework created in collaboration between the Le Ciel team and many Elders, including those from the Council of Twelve and Above.

The Holistic Visions mission, organised around 13 topics, is to set in motion holistic solutions that support the emergence of a more peaceful, harmonious world. 

This mission is founded on the understanding that:

  • the issues Humanity is facing are deeply interconnected.
  • the solutions that will trigger a global paradigm shift need to be purpose-driven and integrate a set of values and principles founded on our connection to Nature and our true nature.
  • global change cannot be achieved through individual actions alone, and it is crucial for collective actions, collective intelligence, and collective empowerment to be restored.

See the trailer for HV TP  2021 here.



What is the purpose of the HV Training Program?
  • For every participant to acquire a deep understanding of themselves and clear limitations and blockages, personal and throughout their lineage, so that they can be the best version of themselves and take their rightful place within the group. 
  • For the groups to vibrate in coherence as a single cell. To know how its different components should interact, its purpose, mission and direction, and how to overcome any situation.
  • To provide the opportunity for all the groups to vibrate in harmony as a single organism, creating a community that can tap into collective intelligence and receive collective information and directions.
Is the program entirely virtual?
No, There will be a physical symposium at a beautiful venue called Chateauform’ Campus, La Mola, from Thursday, 26th – Sunday, 29th of October 2023.
What is the journey that led us to create this training program?

In 2020, the Holistic Visions community had been searching for interconnected solutions to some of the world’s most urgent issues for two years.
After an honest assessment of how close we were to completing the Holistic Visions’ mission, we realised that we had built an ecosystem with great potential but weren’t making sufficient progress towards holistic proposals that would profoundly impact the world.

We understood that to reach this goal, we had to work as great teams and together raise our vibration to access levels of information different from the ones used by humanity nowadays. We firmly believe that the models and solutions to move forward reside in information realms that vibrate at higher frequencies. 

So in 2021, we created a training program to collectively learn how to access, receive and integrate new levels of information that would lead us to genuine, holistic and multi-generational solutions to our world’s most significant issues.

What are the results of the 2021 HV Training Program?

To begin with, profound personal transformation in the lives of many participants. For others, connection to a close community that continues to learn from and grow with one another. A sense of purpose, connection, community, collaboration and an opportunity for personal growth drawing people back to Holistic Visions, some after years of participation in this mission.

But also a 50-page document co-created together that lays out guiding principles in the fields of education, the built environment, health, our relationship to nature, community and family, ecology, transportation, energy, the economy, work and governance. These principles lay the foundations for a society based on the notion of ‘good living’: living a life that benefits ourselves, others, and life on Earth for 7 generations to come.

2021 Holistic Visions Training Program graduates continued to work together long after the program to prepare an official launch to share this work publicly and develop further projects on the back of this framework. This 2023 revised edition of the training program is based on the feedback we received, our experiences, and the conclusions we drew from the program’s first iteration.

Discover the vision launched on the 7th of December 2022 here.

When does the 2023 program launch?
The program’s launch will be on the 7th of March, 2023, the day of the full moon.

We will launch the program with an online gathering (no more than 2 hours). During that time together, we’ll hold an opening ceremony and introduce you to the program and the next step. This gathering will mark the beginning of the 12 lunar cycles.

Your group facilitators will contact you to schedule weekly calls, which you will be expected to join throughout the entire duration of the program.

What is the duration of the program?
The length of the program is 12 lunar cycles, so approximately 12 months. The final three lunar cycles are a phase of collective co-creation as we seek holistic solutions.
Who are the program creators, and what methods is the training based on?

Since its creation in 2016, the Le Ciel team has been developing its methodology to achieve group coherence and operate in flow as a single organism. 

This methodology was developed with the help of Primordial Wisdom and the teachings of the Bwiti spiritual heritage, which the team has been initiated in and has been studying for more than 15 years.

Our method addresses the individual and the group simultaneously. It has taught us to get out of the way and vibrate together in harmony, allowing the group to be led by guidance and synchronicities, fully trusting the Universe.

This way of operating led us to complete our first 4 missions successfully: 

  • Find 12 Elders, dispersed around the globe, and bring them to the United Nations in just over a year
  • Shoot and release a film about this, seen by more than 160,000 viewers 
  • Curate 2 exhibitions and auctions in New York, London and Paris 
  • Facilitate the Holistic Visions symposium for three years and create a year-long training
How will the training program be delivered?

We will deliver the training program through a digital e-learning and community platform. Content will be available for you to work through daily and will be unlocked for participants and groups weekly.

On average, there will be four days a week of activities, one group call and an extra 1 on 1 call per week. The flow of the program will vary a little throughout the 12 lunar cycles. The content will be delivered in videos, written documents, audio files etc.

We will meet in person for 4 days for a physical symposium near Barcelona, Spain, to continue our co-creation process together and kick-start the last part of the process.

What results does Le Ciel envision?

With Holistic Visions and its program, we aim to complete many objectives:

  • Allow people who want to do good align their intention with what needs to be done.
  • To lead people into such a space, they can co-create solutions designed to bring about a more conscious world.
  • To enable participants to go from a state of intention and goodwill to taking the necessary steps to achieve their goals, leading them to success.
  • To implement a new set of values and principles within participants’ ways of thinking, conceiving, creating and even dreaming up a new world.
  • To help participants understand the virtues of leaving behind the ‘I’ to create the ‘We’.
  • To enable participants to strike a balance between being and doing.
  • To create a community that brings hope to the world, gathering well-intentioned, influential and dedicated people.
  • To create a community of people that is strong enough that it can support the emergence of any conscious initiative.
  • To create a real sense of community and belonging through a collaborative journey around building solutions together, to create a more harmonious world by pulling up our sleeves.
  • To allow more and more people wired for this new way of living- spreading the values of co-creation and togetherness, creating a movement of hope and harmony.
  • To develop new co-creational tools that give access to successful, sustainable and regenerative holistic solutions.
  • To create templates for organisations and individuals everywhere and new models for society.
What will be the outcome of the program?

The intended outcome is to build a community that responds to the Holistic Visions’ mission and the world’s needs today. In other words: a community that can access holistic, interconnected solutions and set them in motion by 2026 to change the world for the better.

Another outcome we envision for the program is to generate a proof of concept for this co-creational method, bringing to the world a community of hundreds of people who have integrated what it is to be completely coherent as a tribe.

This means a community that has woven primordial values into its fabric, receiving collective and individual guidance, connected and in tune with nature.

A community that collaborates, shares resources and ideas to be able to co-create from the heart, and acts upon the responsibility we have towards the planet, ourselves and generations to come. 

Members who have completed the program and experienced the power and benefits of their training would become ambassadors for the method and the holistic vision we hold together, pollinating and spreading this new way of co-creating collectively and its potential for change.

This program would continue over the years, creating new concentric circles of influence and an expanding global community for every new class of graduates.

Will there be participants from previous years joining the program?

There are different layers and dimensions of understanding that can be grasped through this program, so some participants have been re-invited to go deeper into this work. Whether they attend again or not, everyone who has participated in a previous Holistic Visions Symposium or Training Program remains part of the HV community.

What are the benefits of the program?

Many benefits come out of following this program:


  • Have access to a one-of-a-kind, deeply transformational training program and daily educational content or integration
  • Understand and clear your different layers of conditioning to access your essence, purpose, and mission
  • Clear your lineage from ancestral patterns and blockages to benefit you and your descendants
  • Acquire methodologies and a skill set to apply in your daily life to co-create in a new way
  • Be a member of a strong, loving, innovative, grounded and spiritual community of change and form deep and rich life-long relationships with like-minded people
  • Be a pioneer in new ways to co-create and interact with others
  • Have access to Mind Dives and meditations designed specifically for the program by the Le Ciel team
  • Be invited to the physical Holistic Visions Symposium.
Why did you invite me?

You either registered your interest to apply, or your name was given to us by our ecosystem. Or we might have heard about you and put your name in the hat ourselves 🙂

We’ve screened thousands of names, asking, in guidance, if it was right for applicants to participate, for their mission, for the Holistic Visions mission and for the program’s success.

During this process, we received that you and your mission could benefit from participating and that you could have a role to play in the success of the Holistic Visions’ mission.

We all have a specific part to play in this collective learning and co-creational process, and ultimately in creating and implementing a harmonious world for the generations to come, Nature and all living beings. 

How much time do we need to set aside each week to work through the program?
  • 4 days a week of practice and observation- between 10 to 30 minutes a day depending on the day, and how you choose to approach the practice. Your daily practice can cover a time of reflection, self-observation, individual tasks, or preparation for weekly group calls
  • 1h30 group call per week
  • and a 1 on 1 weekly phone call with another group member (as long or as short as you’d like to make it)
At what time will group calls take place?
Each group will determine its call times based on the availability and time zones of its 12 group members. Your group facilitator will contact you to coordinate the call time. Please be as flexible and accommodating as possible, as participants from different time zones are in each group. However, we will do our best to ensure no more than an 8-hour time difference in any given group.
What is the duration of weekly group calls?
Each group will determine the time needed. We estimate 1h30 per call.
What is the commitment asked of me as a participant?

Committing to participating in the Holistic Visions Training Program is, first and foremost, a commitment to show up every day for yourself and this community so that together we can access holistic solutions with the potential of instilling more peaceful perspectives and actions for the future.

To take part in the HV training program, be ready to:

  • Be open to following the training program thoroughly
  • Be engaged with your group
  • Believe that what is at stake is of the utmost importance
  • Understand that we have only several years to make a meaningful impact
  • Be a team player in good and hard times
  • Accept that this is a learning process relevant to everyone and every group
  • Know that whatever personal work you have done for yourself, there is always more to be done for your relationship with yourself and with others
  • Leave your ego at the door
  • Be open to continue questioning who you are, your role, and how you can be a better human being and team player
  • Jump into the unknown
  • 4 days a week of practice and observation
  • Take part in one and a half hours of group sessions per week
  • And a 1 on 1 weekly phone call with another group member
  • Do your best to attend the October physical symposium near Barcelona, Spain.
Do I have to be present for every single call? What happens if I miss a call?
Missing the odd call is okay as long as you respect your group by informing them prior. Catch up by listening to the call recording, reading the notes, and following up with any tasks set in time for deadlines or the next call. 

Regularly missing calls will negatively impact the process of clearing individual blockages, achieving group coherence and tuning into collective intelligence. 

Like in any organism, each cell is as important as the other. Every cell, in this case, every person, has a responsibility and role to play that is essential for the whole.

What will the group facilitators’ role be?
The facilitators will act as navigators, team builders, connectors, and, when necessary, decision-makers. They will keep the group on pace and support each individual to enhance their contribution to the group. The facilitators are not responsible for monitoring accountabilities such as participants’ commitment to the program. It is each person’s responsibility to be reliable and show up.

Facilitators, like participants, follow the training program and learn and evolve at the same time as their group.

Is there a financial contribution to participating in the program?
Yes. You can pay in one go or monthly through a secure payment gateway.

The contribution is £70/€80 a month for 12 months.

You can also make the monthly contribution as an upfront yearly cost of £770/€880.
This contribution supports development costs for the program and the team’s time, energy, dedication and the lifetime of work brought to life through this program.

Refund policy

Any cancellation request received :
More than 30 days prior to the launch of the training program will receive a full refund.
30-15 days prior to the launch of the training program will receive a 80% refund.
15-6 days prior to the launch of the training program will receive a 75% refund.
5-1 day prior to the launch of the training program will receive a 60% refund.
No refund will be issued for cancellations made during the training program itself.
If you do drop out during the program, your funds will support the community’s work by covering essential program costs.
However, in case of force majeure, a non-refundable request can be examined on a case per case basis.

Monthly instalments

The aim of the instalment plan is to ease out the financial load. The instalment plan is not a subscription that can be cancelled at any time, nor will it be refunded or annulled if you decide to drop out during the training program.
Monthly instalments will stop automatically when the full amount has been paid.

Can I get financial support? Or can I support other participants?
If you can’t afford this but feel called to be part of the program and can make the commitment it entails, we will be able to offer, in some cases, a limited amount of financial help.

Please contact us at hvtp2023@lecielfoundation.com with the subject line Financial Help for more information.

For those of you who would like to offer financial support to other participants who can’t afford it, please contact hvtp2023@lecielfoundation.com with the subject line Support.

How much will it cost to attend the symposium?

The Symposium is free of charge, but participants are kindly asked to cover their travel and accommodation.
The hotel costs are around €1090 for three nights, including accommodation, access to the conference centre, food, beverages, snacks, fitness centre, and spa. 

Le Ciel Foundation does not make any profit from the event. For those who would need help, we have limited bursaries available.

Do I have to attend the physical gathering?
Ideally, we would like everyone to be there, yes. 

Hear what previous cohorts felt about HV in these short trailers.

Which of the 13 groups would I join?

Once we have received your RSVP, we will send you a form to indicate your topic preferences, for us to organise the final group configurations.

What happens if I decide to decline the invitation?
We wish you fantastic success in your life and all your initiatives to positively impact humanity or nature. If you feel that there might be an interesting link to be made between Le Ciel Foundation and your work, contact us. We sincerely believe in collaboration to enable future generations to live in a more beautiful world.

If you know of anyone you feel would resonate with this invitation, please send us their name rather than forwarding them your invitation.

What if I don’t enjoy the program half way through?
Like any transformational process, this program will take you on a path you may not enjoy at times. Giving it your best and taking on the lessons in these moments is the essence of personal growth and will lead you to success.

Of course, you might not enjoy every aspect of the program, the commitment and the challenges it may entail. If you are not open to this, this program is not for you. Once you start, you have the responsibility to trust the process and go to the finish line for the community’s success and its collective mission. 

You will not be alone in this; you will have a whole tribe to support you and help you get the best out of the experience.

Does one "graduate" with a certificate or some other credential that could be useful?
There will be a certificate to testify that you completed the program!

However, this doesn’t certify you as a teacher or enable you to deliver the program to individuals or groups. Whilst you are welcome to share teachings from the program with your loved ones, we ask that you do not diffuse its content to preserve the integrity of the experience.

If I’ve already done a lot of work on myself, will I find this program relevant?
Each dawn allows us to learn more, each process has something new to teach, no matter where we are on our learning journey. What’s unique about the HV Training Program is that you’ll grow as an individual and as part of a community. 

The Le Ciel team’s strength is that we speak a common language and share points of reference that guide our commitment to creating meaningful change. This shared understanding around our priorities, principles and how we work together is what unites and drives us, allows us to overcome challenges and stay focused on what’s important to us: creating a positive change for future generations and nature. All in all, leading to group coherence.

Developing this shared understanding with your group and the HV community is one of the program’s most significant assets, as it is the foundation of interconnectivity and organic collaboration. Even if you’re very advanced in your personal work, you will acquire a new skill set.

Establishing trusting, transparent relationships with your co-creators is necessary to step into group coherence and collective intelligence. The first phase around individual growth will lay this groundwork. Ultimately, the process is just as important as what you’re learning.

Can I nominate participants or facilitators for the program?
You are very welcome to make a nomination. Please send us the full birth name(s), and we will look in guidance at whether it is right to invite this person this time. Once we have completed this step, we will come back to you.

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