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Holistic Visions Symposium 3rd Edition
November 18 – November 21 2021
Chateauform La Mola, Barcelona


The Holistic Visions Symposium brings together 144 thought leaders, creatives and subject matter experts from over 40 countries, who together, are addressing the fundamental tenets of a more balanced and ecologically-minded society. All of this within a spiritual framework created in collaboration between the Le Ciel team and many Elders, including those from the Council of Twelve and Above and the film The Twelve.

Organized around 13 topics, the HVS’ mission is to set in motion holistic solutions that bring about a more conscious world.

This mission is founded on an understanding that

  • the issues Humanity is facing are deeply interconnected
  • the solutions that will trigger a global paradigm shift need to be purpose-driven and integrate a set of values and principles founded on our connection to Nature and our true nature
  • global change cannot be achieved through individual actions alone, and that it is crucial for collective actions, collective intelligence and collective empowerment to be restored

Over the last two years and symposia, many of the participants, who came together at Châteauform’ Campus La Mola, in Terrassa, Spain, have been searching for interconnected holistic solutions that support the emergence of a more peaceful, harmonious world.

Whilst together we have built a very strong community and some powerful projects have emerged, we realised that we weren’t progressing sufficiently towards holistic proposals that would deeply impact the world positively for generations to come. We came to understand that, to access global solutions together, we would need to connect to ourselves, others and all that is, as a single organism.

This is why, for 2021, we have put together an online training program that offers a new way of co-creating founded on harmony and global coherence, using ancestral wisdom and tailor-made techniques.

The program has been designed to allow every participant to clear personal limitations and blockages, and acquire a deep understanding of themselves, so that they can be the best version of themselves. Thus enabling the group to vibrate in complete coherence, as a single cell, to know its purpose, mission and direction. Providing the opportunity for all the groups to vibrate in harmony as a single organism, creating a community that can tap into collective intelligence together and receive and act upon collective directions.

The very first edition of the Holistic Visions Training Program began in February 2021. We met physically after 9 months of training for our 3rd symposium, to embark all together on the last phase; a time to access and start implementing holistic solutions.




Love and Integrity

Holistic Visions working group Love and Integrity are in the process of developing a training programme to diffuse managerial, entrepreneurial and societal practices centred on love and righteousness for companies to operate with greater CSR and directly support environmental regeneration.

Families and Communities

Inspired by forest root systems and indigenous traditions, the Families and Communities Holistic Visions working group, are beta testing community or ‘Mycelium Dinners’ designed to rebuild trust, love and connection. Alongside this, they are exploring the right framework to help families reconnect and find a common ground

Re-awakening of Earth's sacred sites

Le Ciel Foundation is part of an initiative in collaboration with The Fountain and ICEED, led by wisdom tradition Elders. These Elders have identified Sacred Sites considered as key energetic points on the planet and are working to restore these sites through rituals and ceremonies designed to rebalance the energetic meridians of the Earth.

One Ancient Future

The Sacred Sites and Architecture, Holistic Visions working group have launched One Ancient Future, a global alliance to preserve, protect and reactivate the Earth’s Sacred Sites. In January 2020 at Davos, they launched the ASSEGAIA Declaration, establishing an ecocentric model of protection for sacred natural sites around the globe.

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We bridge ancestral wisdom and our current reality and modern technology, keeping in eyesight the necessity for all life forms on the planet to flourish in harmony.

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