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Elevate young minds with the ‘Citizenship Collection’
by Le Ciel Foundation and Earth Cubs. 

Nurture self-awareness, cultural roots, and inner wisdom in more than 6,000 schools worldwide reaching 1,2M+ children

Embark on explorations, guided by character-driven narratives

interactive games, videos, meditations and more

A profound, immersive journey instilling primordial wisdom, global citizenship, and sustainability in young minds

Experience modern, enjoyable learning that cultivates children’s confidence in engaging with their world. Dive into interactive lessons, purposefully connected to the UN’s Sustainability Goals

Aligned with curricula, brought to life by captivating Earth Cubs characters.

12  interactive lessons, adapting content from Le Ciel’s Holistic Visions training program, teaching primordial wisdom values and principles to children from 3-7 and 8-11 years old

Lesson 1: What is friendship? – Lesson 2: Connecting with Nature
Lesson 3: Life & Death and what it all means – Lesson 4: Eat well, live well
Lesson 5: Talking is good! – Lesson 6: Wonderful Water
Lesson 7: What is a family tree? – Lesson 8: Learning is awesome
Lesson 9: Love is all around you! – Lesson 10: This is ME!
Lesson 11: We are community – Lesson 12: Everything is interconnected!


On top, Le Ciel is developing A training program specifically designed for teachers, to inspire both their own journey, and that of their students

Le Ciel has meticulously crafted a training program tailored exclusively for
educators, with the primary aim of kindling not only their personal growth but also igniting the transformative journey of their students. Le Ciel’s program equips teachers with the tools, techniques, and insights necessary to nurture a dynamic, engaging, and inclusive learning environment. It fosters a spirit of continuous improvement and self-discovery, empowering educators to channel their passion into the classroom, where it can set ablaze the aspirations and potential of the next generation.

Earth Cubs exists to inspire 1 billion children with essential environmental, sustainability, and climate education by 2030.
A fast growing audience of children, schools and teachers.


Your support fuels a transformative mission, offering thousands of children worldwide access to the fundamental learnings, values and principles that create inner harmony, unity with others, and peace with our planet Earth.

£255,000 Fundraise
to write, produce and distribute Season 1

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