Le Ciel Foundation is dedicated to restoring harmony and ecology on a global scale through cultural, spiritual and environmental projects.


Le Ciel Foundation was founded in knowing that the ancient wisdom of indigenous traditions hold the crucial keys to realigning humanity with universal principles of integrity and harmony, at a time of unprecedented urgency.

Our first mission was to bring together spiritual masters who were sought out to raise global consciousness and affect real change in our ways of living and being, for greater joy, love, magic and reconnection for all.

The only way to return to our true nature is by recalibrating our relationship with nature and to each other, with humility, respect and compassion.

We have completed 3 key initiatives :

  • The Twelve and Above Wisdom Council at the United Nations
  • The Wisdom and Nature Art Exhibition in London, Paris, New York
  • The Holistic Visions Symposium in Barcelona

We are working on the 3 following initiatives :

  • The Twelve: a  feature length film
  • The Holistic Visions Quest (follow up to the symposium)
  • The Wisdom and Nature exhibition and auction 2019


Le Ciel Foundation is a container for purpose driven initiatives. Guided at every step by the knowledge and values of the indigenous communities and wisdom traditions from The Council of Twelve and Above, we facilitate inner and outer transformation, bridging ancestral wisdom and ‘the modern world’.

The team, a group of dedicated people from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds, came together to answer to an urgent call to raise Humanity’s level of consciousness. Recognising that we can not change the world without first being the change we want to see, we do our best every day to integrate and live by the values we aspire to spread all around us.

Integrity. Collaboration. Simplicity. Transparency. Unity. Authenticity. Evolution. Joy. Love. 

These values guide and underpin everything we do at Le Ciel Foundation.

Our Current Projects
Our Completed Projects