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It feels like it’s the university that I never had the opportunity to go to…studying the knowledge that was actually relevant to our shared experience on Earth, how we can thrive together and how we can live in balance.


It’s been an extraordinary journey. Somehow Le Ciel put together an absolutely extraordinary group of people. I don’t know exactly what the magic was, but it was magic. We really fell in love with each other. And I’ve had one of the most extraordinary experiences with this group of people.
Coming here, having gone through that process, I think really changed not only the work we did for this project but really affected my other work as well.


I didn’t know what I was getting into. I kind of jumped into the holistic visions training and was really very moved and blown away by all the learning, being able to share the perspectives with everybody and then starting to build the group connection.


It was beautiful work because you start with yourself and you get to know yourself in a unique way and what is special about you and your unique genius in the way that you’re wired and so forth. And then you bring forth your gifts into your group. And then it’s what is the group’s gifts and then taking the group’s gifts and now how do we bring that forth into the wider community. So it’s really designed in that way of moving from the singular to the collective.


I think very few people ever have an opportunity to see the whole system come together. We talk a lot about complexity and bringing the whole system’s view, but it’s very, very difficult to see how the different strands interweave and play together. And I think we’ve got a beginning understanding of that.


I see so much beauty now, and the layers of fear have somehow melted away. It’s incredible.
Keep on shining your light Le Ciel. It’s making a big impact, even on people you’ve never met through some kind of magical invisible string.


COP26 would have definitely benefited if they did a similar thing like this.
The training program had the effect that we could really interact quickly with the other groups. And that’s what I got back from all the other groups as well is that they were quite amazed at how quickly they could actually just jump into the task ahead.
I’m actually more hopeful than I was before in the sense that I really felt the dedication of the whole group like the Le Ciel team and also of many of the people who were here.

​​I think there’s a process here that I think is unique, allowing us to bring ourselves together, be in the present, be in the moment, bring our whole selves to a process that allows us to really think expansively about what the future can look like in a way that is going to be different from how the past brought us to a point that is unsustainable and to think about a new path forward, we have to think in different ways and maybe to be more heart-centered in the way that we approach problem-solving and solution ideation.


It just has been such an amazing process to get me through this program.


After over a week in Spain with the Le Ciel Foundation for the Holistic Visions Symposium, discussing 13 topics around humanity’s deepest challenges, I’m lost for words to describe this powerful experience. The level of presence and devotion to such a mission is so incredible.


The training program is very different to anything I’ve ever done before. It helped me to process a lot of the patterns that I’d got into in my life that I didn’t want anymore and also recognise the patterns that I had in my life that I did want more of. It has been a truly transformational experience for me. It enabled me to be in an unexpectedly open space for new things to arise.
So many unfathomable things have happened to me this year. It’s impossible to explain them all here. There are too many. But I know they are in part thanks to the training programme. So I will be forever grateful for that.


My experience with the water group has been absolutely transformational. The process itself was just magical and so intelligent. Starting us off with our individual strengths and challenges and then moving into that trust, building that group trust and then into the collective intelligence. It’s like getting back to what actually really matters. I got to see the different layers of conditioning through this process that we’ve all gone through as people living in the modern world. That sense of separation that’s there that we try to fix.
You have inarguably, arguably inevitably contributed to my growth and well-being and my healing. And not only the healing, but I really feel like I am becoming a steward and a steward with this lens of water. It’s just beyond what I could have ever imagined.


Truly blessed for the opportunity to join you all… it was undeniably life changing and I find myself more inspired than ever to carry this energy forward in all aspects of my life.


My leap of heart and faith into HVT from the jump is a journey of amazement and wonder. The HVT curriculum is awesome on so many levels.
1. The opportunity to learn about ‘other’ wisdom traditions, ways of being, and experiencing different learning modalities is a fabulous gift.
2. The experience of the material in its entirety is nothing short of wondrous in terms of how the individuals, groups, and topics come together. Bravo.  The experience of knowing and not knowing all at once is proving a tonic to me, and I love it! Thank you.


“Such a powerful, illuminating film documenting important messages and key intentions for the future of humanity ✨ Thank you to the Le Ciel team for bridging communities and co-creating this for the world to see.”

“OMG so powerful! Just finished watching and I had chills throughout my body the whole time!”

“What a beautiful project. The Elders are amazing. I can’t stop crying.”

“It’s a cinematic meditation, a documentary, a visual song about waking up to what is. You can hear it from Science, you can hear it from indigenous tribes. Both are opposite ends of the spectrum. But they are both sharing the SAME message. What does it take, for you to wake up?”

“This was the most intense cinematic experience of my life. I’m going to have to watch it again.”

“A wonderfully moving film reminding us to listen to ourselves, our past, and the world around us.”

“The film has impacted me on a core level and resonates in every cell. And I am sure this will create a giant, beautiful wave.”

“Sobbed from the first minute to the last: in grief, sadness, and joy. What a gift.”

“Such an epic film. Spine-tingling, potentially life-changing.”

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