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We are delighted to share with you a bright invitation for 2021!

Recognising the need to offer the community greater support and guidance to successfully find and bring to life holistic, interconnected solutions that will support the emergence of a more peaceful, harmonious world, this past year has seen us collaborate closely with 5 incredible people to develop a program to enable the HVS community to do exactly that.

Watch the short video inviting you to the HVS training program.
Take a look at the Q&A below to answer some of the questions you may have.
Let us know if you have any other questions by emailing jessie@lecielfoundation.com and we will answer them by adding to the Q&A.

We are inviting you to an initiative that entails responsibility. Participating in the HVS program is not a decision to be made lightly as it asks that you make a commitment to show up for yourself, your group and the entire community, in service to a bigger picture, on a weekly basis for a minimum of 1 year.

We are extending this invitation to the entire community from HVS 2018 and 2019, in honour of the journey we have already been on together, before inviting in new participants. We will come back to you at the end of January to confirm your space.

Please be realistic about what you can take on and be truthful with yourself about whether you will really be able to commit to the initiative. As it will be crucial for each member of the program to be there from start to finish, if you have the slightest doubt about your ability to commit, please say so now. We are all connected and everyone will remain part of the community even if they can not participate actively in the 2021 program.

Once you have watched the video and all your questions have been answered, please fill out the answer form
by clicking on the ‘RVSP HERE’ button on the right side of the screen.
Please answer by the 16th January 2021. If we haven’t received your answer within this time,
we will have to consider that you have declined the invitation.

With all our love,

The Le Ciel team.



Le Ciel Foundation’s mission

We are a UK based charity whose purpose is to reconnect people to Nature and nature within. We act as a trusted channel for Wisdom Traditions around the world, bridging their primordial knowledge with the best of modern society, protecting their existence and sacred territories. We aim to create change by instilling primordial wisdom principles within every layer of society. We achieve this through educational films and programs and the development of conscious co-creational frameworks, societal templates and governance models.

Holistic Visions Symposium’s mission

The Symposium brings together 144 thought leaders, creatives and subject matter experts from over 40 countries, who together, are addressing the fundamental tenets of a more balanced and ecologically-minded society. All of this within a spiritual framework created in collaboration between the Le Ciel team and many Elders, including those from The Twelve.

Organized around 13 solution-oriented workshops, the HVS’ mission is to set in motion holistic solutions that bring about a more conscious world.

What is the training program? How was it designed?

This program combines 5 different methods and approaches to individual growth and clearing; group building, cohesion and coherence; and collective intelligence training. Every method is the result of more than 20 years of dedication, downloads and hard work from their respective creators.

Blending these methods into a cohesive program has been done under constant guidance during weekly council calls held with all methodologists and the Le Ciel team over more than 10 months.

The program will be delivered through a community platform that not only provides classic e-learning platform features such as week per week delivery of content, monitoring of task completion, multimedia content delivery, group and sub-group forums, but also community cross-exchange and cross-pollinating tools, instant messaging, map location of members etc.

As mentioned in the invitation, the program consists of 4 phases of 3 lunar cycles:

  • 3 lunar cycles to help individuals understand and embody who they truly are, clear obstacles and limitations and find their right place and role within their group,
  • 3 lunar cycles to help each group reach coherence and maintain a dynamic and sense of direction,
  • 3 lunar cycles to help all the groups interconnect and converge into collective intelligence,
  • 3 lunar cycles to open access to universal approaches and holistic solutions coming from collective intelligence and the universe itself.
What is the purpose of the HVS training program?

The HVS community and topics have been searching for interconnected holistic solutions to some of the world’s most urgent issues for 2 years now. After an honest assessment of where we were at in terms of completion of the HVS’s global mission, we realised that we had together built a very strong community but that we weren’t progressing sufficiently towards holistic proposals that would deeply impact the world.

Within the Le Ciel team, we realised that with the help of the Elders we had created energetic vessels for the groups to metaphorically sail to a new world, but that we hadn’t transmitted the tools to navigate these vessels, under universal guidance. Groups have been looking around these ships trying to navigate them, not fully knowing how to take them to the sea and let the wind of Spirit blow in the sails so they can be led to a new land altogether.

This is why, for 2021, we have created a training program to learn how to navigate these beautiful boats, and have them all sail in the same direction towards a common objective.

This will allow every participant to clear personal limitations and blockages, and acquire a deep understanding of themselves, so that they can be the best version of themselves and take their rightful place within the group. This will enable the group to vibrate in complete coherence, as a single cell. To know how its different components should interact, know its purpose, mission and direction, as well as how to overcome any situation.

Finally, it will provide the opportunity for all the groups to vibrate in harmony as a single organism, creating a community that can collectively tap into collective intelligence and receive collective information and directions.

This program is the result of what we’ve received from above to help the HVS community receive fully interconnected solutions that support a transition towards a better future.

When does the program launch?

On Saturday 27th February 2021.

We will launch the program with an online gathering (no more than 4 hours), during which time we’ll hold an opening ceremony together and introduce you to the program and the community platform we will be using. This gathering will mark the beginning of the 12 lunar cycles.

Your group facilitators will get in touch with you by the 1st of March to schedule weekly calls. You will then, as best as possible, hold weekly calls throughout the entire duration of the program.

What is the duration of the program?

The length of the program is 12 lunar cycles, so approximately 12 months. The final 3 lunar cycles are a phase of collective guidance towards holistic solutions. This phase could very well last longer as it all depends on what is received and put in place.

Who are the creators of the program and what methods is the training based on?

The program is a collaboration between 5 methods. To find out more about these please read the presentations below that introduce the methodologists and their work.
The content we’ll be learning integrates exercises and techniques from each of the methods outlined below.

An introduction to the methodologists and methods

RL LEADERS (Brian Layer, John Rogers)
For over 15 years, RL Leaders has provided solutions to government agencies and purpose driven organizations, infusing the creative spirit of Hollywood and the innovative expertise and application of subject matter experts. They bring a holistic approach to problem solving that helps mission driven organisations navigate disruption and chart a course for the future. At the heart of their approach is a creative-innovative methodology designed to help you see through the volatility, complexity and ambiguity of the modern world and disrupt ‘rigidity of thought’ by introducing fresh perspectives and discovering clarity for the path forward.

Brian Layer, Brigadier General, United States Army (Retired), is an innovative leader, mentor, and advisor who actively advises business, government and community leaders. Brian has a distinguished record of operationalizing complex global initiatives resulting in leadership and organizational excellence.
After a full career as a senior leader in the U.S. Army, in 2016 Brian joined RL Leaders and became a partner and COO in 2017. Brian continues to lead RL Leaders growth, working with both public and private sector clients helping them translate strategic vision into high performance organizations.

John Rogers has a three-decade track record of leading, transforming, and driving results that last in both the public and private sectors. Impact, insight and integrity are the three words that describe John, founder and CEO of RL Leaders. With his extensive experience in assembling creative advisory boards, as well as his deep expertise in strategic planning, industry disruptions, and running high-impact campaigns, he has become highly sought after as a trusted advisor.
John was named a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense  at 32 years of age. Since then, John has gone on to establish several businesses, run numerous national campaigns, and serve as the CEO of a $1b-plus privately held company. John has spent his career serving on numerous boards and worked as an active public policy advocate, creating federal research funding for groups such as: The Brain Aneurysm Foundation, the Parkinson’s Action Network, Michael J Fox, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, and the Coalition to Advance Medical Research (CAMR).
John’s first book, an Amazon best-seller, “The Renaissance Campaign: A Problem Solving Formula for Your Biggest Challenges” advises policy makers and businesses leaders on innovation, “campaign methodologies,” and policy insights. John was a participant in the Holistic Visions Symposium 2019.


Juan Carlos Kaiten Quintanilla is a social architect and alchemist specializing in evolutionary leadership, global collective intelligence, social networks and organizational transformation. Co-Founder of the School of Social Alchemy and partner in ‘TLS: Together Life System’, a social synergy system designed to foster global societal wellbeing. He  holds a Master degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, where he started his research on Social Biomimicry, and co-developed the ‘Magic Canoe’ model for Large Scale Collaboration. This model unveils the principles and DNA of a global co-creative community.
Juan Carlos has extensive experience in business and social entrepreneurship in Mexico and abroad. His current focus is to research, develop and implement new technologies and opportunities for social innovation that enable communities to operate from the new holistic paradigm of interconnection, unity and interdependence on a local and global scale. Juan Carlos participated in the Holistic Visions Symposium 2019 and is an active participant in the Sacred Sites and Architecture working group.


Dharmendra Gordon guides individuals through a process for reaching higher solutions to problems facing our collective, bringing about the opportunity for positive unifying change in the midst of our divided world. He is devoted to exploring the potential of awakening that exists within our genetic makeup and the possibility for its expression through all 64 of our genetic codons and the higher frequencies of consciousness they allow us to tune into.  Dharmendra has incorporated knowledge of Human Design and Gene Keys into his work and created the Synergy Awakening Codes, which supports the main thrust of his work which he calls Accelerated Collective Evolution.
His methodology consists of three stages that revolve around:

  • exposing and transforming the shadows of our conditioning 
  • dropping into our hearts and allowing that same energy to expand out into the world,
  • centering our awareness in the core of our being, where we can tune into the wisdom of the universal life force. From here we can allow the mysteries we’ve unveiled to become part of ourselves and be shared with others for the benefit of all beings everywhere as one.

Dharmendra offers many layers, levels and stages of individual readings geared to address specific areas of work across the entire spectrum of human consciousness. As this type of work takes place at the essential level of human experience it can be adapted to any field of human endeavor whether at the individual, group or collective level.
He is also a martial arts expert trained in Karate, Tai Chi, Pa Kua and Hsing Yi, and a Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnosis.


Elijah Ignatieff is the originator of the Inflow Matrix Operating System and the New Paradigm Toolkit. 

Elijah has spent a lifetime researching and testing the relationship between the mind, consciousness, sacred geometry, language and integration of various business and spiritual mental models. Diving deep into the use of color coding, playing cards, game boards and software design, he has been exploring what tools can help individuals, teams, organizations and communities to learn, create, communicate and heal – both online and offline. 

A unique way of organizing information emerged through the process of exploration. At the core of it is the simple distinction of using circles rather than squares to organize information. The main idea that is proposed is to create a new language reference point in the minds of the people who use the tools to co-create an entirely new economic system, a new paradigm, one that is based upon love, rather than fear.

Elijah has been waiting for the time that the new paradigm was beginning to emerge. That time is now and Le Ciel is one of the first organizations to integrate some of his tools into the program you are about to participate in.


Le Ciel Foundation,

Le Ciel Foundation is a UK based charity whose purpose it is to reconnect people to Nature and nature within. We act as a trusted channel for Wisdom Traditions around the world, bridging their primordial knowledge with the best of modern society, protecting their existence and sacred territories. We aim to create change by instilling primordial wisdom principles within every layer of society. We achieve this through educational films and programs and the development of conscious co-creational frameworks, societal templates and governance models.

Since its creation in 2016, the Le Ciel team has been developing its own methodology to achieve complete group coherence, and be able to operate in flow as a single organism. This methodology has been developed through the prism of wisdom traditions, and the teachings of the Bwiti spiritual heritage, in which the team has been initiated. Addressing at the same time the individual and the group, their method has taught them to stand out of the way, and vibrate all together in such a harmonious way that the group can let itself be led by guidance and synchronicities, in complete trust. This way of operating has lead Le Ciel to successfully find 12 Elders dispersed on the globe, bring them to the United Nations, shoot and release a film about it, seen by more than 150,000 viewers, curate 2 exhibitions and auctions in New York, London and Paris, curate for 3 years in a row the Holistic Visions symposium and much more.

Prior to founding Le Ciel, many of the team members had advanced careers in a wide array of fields including education, mental and physical health, marketing, management, production and event design.

How will the training program be delivered?

The overall training program will be delivered through an e-learning platform seamlessly included in a community platform. Content will be made available for you to work through on a daily basis and will be unlocked for participants and groups weekly.
We anticipate 4 days a week of activities and one group call a week. Content will be delivered in the form of videos, written documents, audio files etc.
At all times you will be able to interact with members of your topic through discussion rooms and instant messaging. You will also have access to the other topics discussions around the current week’s content to see how they are dealing with it, and also be linked to cross-topic groups, creating a multi-dimensional interconnection between all topics and participants.

Will this training embrace methods of navigating conflict and disagreement?

Absolutely, during the group coherence module you will be given tools to navigate conflict, including ‘conversation types’ to allow every voice to be heard, balance the feminine and masculine energy within the group, collectively feel into a common direction and much more.

What happens after the first 3 phases (9 months)? Do I keep working with my group?

At the end of the 9 lunar cycles we will convene all together (covid allowing) and meet within the energetic framework of the physical symposium, with all the groups vibrating harmoniously, ready to use our new tools to harvest guidance from the Universe. 

What will come out of this process is unknown at this time, and anything we could tell you would only be a projection of what we think could happen. Having said that, we feel that a collective, global, interconnected project will arise from the symposium and the 3 lunar cycles that follow; and that within this project every topic will have a role to play and a defined mission/project serving the holistic vision to create a global change. In this case the groups would be invited to keep co-creating until their mission is completed.

If you have any more questions please email us at jessie@lecielfoundation.com.

What result does Le Ciel envision?

    • To lead people into such a space that they’re able to co-create solutions designed to bring about a more conscious world by 2026*
    • To allow people who want to do good to align their intention with what needs to be done
    • For them to go from a state of intention and good will, to taking the necessary steps to achieve their goals, leading them to success
    • To create a community that brings hope to the world, gathering well-intentioned, influential and dedicated people
    • For participants to evolve from thinking, to being, to doing, to navigate in flow
    • To implement a new set of values and principles within participants’ way of thinking, conceiving, creating and even dreaming up a new world
    • To create a real sense of community and belonging through a collaborative journey around building solutions together, to find a way of creating a more harmonious world by pulling up our sleeves
    • To create a community of people that is strong enough that it can support the emergence of any conscious initiative
    • To help participants understand the virtues of leaving behind the ‘I’ to create the ‘We’
    • To have more and more people wired for this new way of living- spreading the values of co-creation and togetherness, creating a movement of hope and harmony
    • To enable participants to strike a balance between being and doing
    • To create templates for organisations and individuals everywhere and new models for society
    • To develop new co-creational tools that give access to successful, sustainable and regenerative holistic solutions

          * This date is significant as across the globe, the message from indigenous Elders is the same:  2026 will be a turning point for humanity.  

    What will be the outcome of the program apart from being able to join the symposium?

    The intended outcome is to build a community capable of responding to the Holistic Visions symposium’s mission and the needs of the world today. In other words: a community that can access holistic, interconnected solutions and set them in motion by 2026, to change the world for the better.

     Another outcome we envision for the program is to generate a proof of concept for this co-creational method, bringing to the world a community of 144 people who have integrated what it is to be in full coherence, together as a tribe. This means a community that has woven ancestral values into its fabric, capable of receiving collective and individual guidance from above, connected and in tune with nature. A community that collaborates, shares resources and ideas to be able to co-create from the heart, and acts upon the responsibility we have towards the planet, ourselves and generations to come. 

     Members having completed the program and experiencing the power and benefits of their training would become ambassadors for the method and the holistic vision, pollinating and spreading around them this new way of co-creating collectively and its potential for change.

     This program would continue over the years, creating new concentric circles of influence and an expanding global community for every new class of graduates.

    Will you be bringing in new participants?

    Yes, we will be bringing in new participants in time for the 27th February 2021 gathering. We have first extended this invitation to existing participants from HVS 2018 and 2019. Once we know how many people from the community are willing and able to commit to the program, we will then contact more people in mid January, to make up groups of 12 active members.

    What are the benefits of the program ?
    • Access to a one-of-a-kind, deeply transformational training program and daily educational content during 9 lunar cycles
    • Find your shadow, gift and soul purpose
    • Acquire methodologies and a skill set that you will be able to apply in your daily life to co-create in a new way
    • Learn how to use tools that are the result of 25 years of research and that are currently not available anywhere else
    • Access a cutting-edge learning and community platform to connect in deep ways with the rest of the community
    • Receive exclusive content from Le Ciel Foundation as part of the program
    • Receive Mind Dives and meditations designed specifically for the program by the Le Ciel team
    • Be invited to the next physical Holistic Visions Symposium
    • Be a member of a strong, loving, innovative and spiritual community
    • Be an active element of change
    • Be a pioneer in new ways to co-create and interact with others
    Why did you invite me?

    When we first invited you to take part in either HVS 2018 or 2019, your name was given to us by our ecosystem and we received, through guidance, that you have a role to play in HVS, both for the success of HVS’ mission and for yourself. You might already have fulfilled it, that is for you to know!

    We all have a precise part to play in this collective learning and co-creational process, and ultimately in the creation and implementation of a harmonious world for  the generations to come, Nature and all living beings. 

    How much time do we need to set aside each week to work through the program?

    We estimate you’ll need 20-30 minutes a day for 4 days and one weekly group call. This time can cover individual tasks, preparation for weekly group calls and sub-group discussions.

    It is a known fact that to keep learning and growing, the easiest way is to set aside time to discover, understand and integrate new ideas regularly.

    At what time will group calls take place?

    We have realised that it is not possible to mix participants from all timezones so we will create groups in which all participants are located within a maximum of 8 hours time difference. This will allow calls to be held at reasonable hours for every participant. However until the final groups are configured, we have no way of knowing at what time exactly the calls will be held.

    What is the duration of weekly group calls?

    The duration of the calls will likely be between 1h and 1h30. This is for each group to decide but we envisage 1h30 minutes per call.

    What is the commitment asked of me as a participant?

    Committing to take part in the HVS Program 2021 is first and foremost a commitment to show up every day for yourself and for this community, so that together we can access holistic solutions with the potential of instilling more peaceful perspectives and actions by 2026.

    To take part in the HVS program, be ready to:

    • Be open to following the training program thoroughly
    • Be engaged with your group
    • Believe that what is at stake is of the utmost importance
    • Understand that we have only several years to make a meaningful impact
    • Be a team player in good and hard times
    • Accept that this is a learning process that is relevant to everyone and every group
    • Know that whatever personal work you have done on yourself, there is always more to be done, for your relationship to yourself and with others
    • Leave all egos at the door
    • Be open to continue questioning who you are, your role, and how you can be a better human being and team player
    • Jump into the unknown
    • to take part in 1 group session per week
    • 4 days a week of practice and observation
    Do I have to be present for every single call? What happens if I miss a call/workshop?

    Missing the odd call is not problematic as long as you inform your group prior, catch up by listening to the call recording and follow up with any tasks set in time for given deadlines or the next call. 

    Having said that, missing several calls in a row or regularly missing calls will have a negative impact on the process of clearing individual blockages, achieving group coherence and tuning into collective intelligence. 

    Just like with any organism, each cell is as important as the other. Every cell, or in this case, every person has the responsibility to play its part and failing to do so will have an impact on the whole.

    Will there be facilitators to monitor accountabilities in terms of commitment to the program? What will change in the facilitation?

    Facilitators will receive training and tools to enhance their skills and capabilities to guide participants throughout the program. They will acquire a better understanding of their personal gifts and those of their team members as well as how their group fits in the rhythm of the holistic vision. They will also follow the training program, and learn and evolve at the same time as the other members of their respective topics.

    The facilitators will act as navigators, team builders, connectors, and when necessary, decision-makers. They will keep the group on pace during the lunar cycles, encourage the growth of each individual and help each individual enhance their contribution to the group. The facilitators play an important role in connecting each individual to the group and their group to the greater whole. In the end, the facilitators will enjoy one of the most important and rewarding roles in the process.

    Is there a financial contribution to participating in the program?

    To make a small donation towards the development of this program, namely the methodologists’ time, energy, dedication and their lifetime work they’re sharing with all of us, there is a $60 monthly contribution, for the full program duration (12 months).

    If you decide to make a yearly contribution upfront, you will benefit from 1 month free.

    In the case, you can’t afford this but feel called to be part of the program and are able to make the commitment it asks of you, we will be able to offer, in some cases, a limited amount of financial help. Please get in touch with us at holisticvisions@lecielfoundation.com with the subject line Financial Help for more information.

    For those of you who would like to offer financial support to other participants who can’t afford it, please contact holisticvisions@lecielfoundation.com with the subject line Support.

    How does the payment work?

    As specified in the Q&A you can pay in one go with one month free, or make a recurring monthly contribution through a secure payment gateway.

    Will there be a physical symposium? How much will it cost to attend?

    Yes there will be. Our intention is to meet at the end of the 9 lunar cycles, so that we can embark all together on the last 3 lunar cycles- a time of collective guidance to receive and start implementing holistic solutions. 

    However, 2020 taught us a lot and we don’t yet know how 2021 will unfold. In light of this, the date may need to slide. 

    We estimate a cost of 1200€ for the accommodation and food at the physical event in November/December 2021. 

    Do I have to attend the physical gathering?

    Ideally, we would like everyone to be there, yes. The goal of the program is for all to arrive at the symposium as the best version of themselves and all vibrating in coherence, so that we can start to tap into collective intelligence and universal guidance together.

    For this reason, following the training program but not being present at the physical symposium would leave an empty space and disturb the process.

    Please note that the physical symposium should take place over a long weekend in November 2021 (Thursday to Sunday). 

    We will inform you of the final dates as soon as possible!

    Will I stay in the same group?

    Not necessarily. If you express a particular preference and it fits with the group’s needs, we can explore you changing groups. 

    Once we have confirmed your attendance, we’ll ask you to fill out a form that would allow us to make sure you’re in the perfect place for you and for the HVS. Final group configurations and any invitations to move to another group would be organised before the program starts.

    What if my group is already working on a project?

    If your group is already invested in a joint initiative and you would like to continue working on it together throughout the year applying the new techniques and states of coherence you acquire through the program you are absolutely welcome to do so.

    If not, rather than trying to come up with solutions or projects, your group would work on learning how to be the best version of itself, and how to function at such a level of collective coherence that it naturally operates in flow, through the heart and under strong guidance.

    We have no expectations for groups to continue setting projects in motion during the program.

    Is there a consequence to not participating in the training program?

    The main consequence is that you will not be able to attend the digital gathering or physical symposium as the training program seamlessly leads to the symposium itself. 

    Once the program is complete, we don’t know how a group that has learned to co-create in full coherence will be able to “re-integrate” someone that has not participated in the program. It’s possible that participants not attending the training program would become satellites or consultants to their group as opposed to active members.

    Can I decline the invitation and still work with my group on the project we are working on actively?

    Yes, if you are actively working on a group project you will still be able to work with your group. You will just not be able to participate in the digital gathering or physical symposium. 

    After the training program your group might also operate with tools that you are not familiar with and will have gone through a process leading them to group coherence. As a consequence of collective guidance, the group’s current project might also change and evolve into something else. 

    What happens if I decide to decline the invitation?

    Please know that whatever your decision, you will always be considered part of the HVS community. If you do not join the program, you would become a satellite member of your group, able to join community zoom calls or future social gatherings and help out in any capacity you and the group see fit. As mentioned above, if you are actively participating in a group project, you could continue to do so.

    What if I don’t enjoy the program half way through?

    Like any transformational process, this program will take you on a path that at times you may not enjoy. Giving it your best and taking on board the lessons in these moments is the essence of personal growth and is what will lead you to success.

    Of course, it can be the case that you don’t enjoy every aspect of the program and the commitment and challenges it may entail. If you are not open to this, then this program is not for you. Once you start, you have the responsibility to trust the process and go all the way to the finish line for the success of the community and its collective mission. 

    You will not be alone in this, you will have a whole tribe to support you and help you get the best out of the experience.

    Does one "graduate" with a certificate or some other credential that could be useful?

    There will be a certificate to testify that you completed the program!

    However this doesn’t certify you as a teacher of the method or enable you to deliver the full program to individuals or groups. Whilst you are welcome to share teachings/lessons from the program with your loved ones, for the success of the program, we ask that you do not diffuse its content.

    We connect ancestral wisdom to the current reality and modern technology, while keeping the vision of what is necessary for all life to thrive in harmony.

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