There is an energetic network connecting sacred sites around the Earth.

Known and honored by indigenous cultures for thousands of years, this sacred matrix was once alive with a life force energy that supported the sacredness, integrity, and health of Earth’s ecosystems.

It also nourished humanity’s relationship with Nature, providing spiritual sustenance and connecting us to our own sacredness.



Their fragile ecosystems are being decimated and their spiritual guardians are being threatened or killed.

OUR MISSION is to protect, preserve, and activate Earth’s sacred sites network to usher in a new global consciousness of ecological sustainability and spiritual oneness.


Guided by indigenous wisdom councils, we are a global alliance of conservationists, academics, sacred advocates, and legal, cultural, and conservation organizations engaged in sacred site protection and activation.

Our focus includes:


Sites in nature recognized for their ecological and spiritual significance such as springs, rivers, mountains, caves, forests, lakes and more.


Ancient buildings such as Giza, Stonehenge, Rapa Nui, Teotihuacan, Ollantaytambo, Göbekli Tepe, Puma Punku and others.


Structures and intentional spaces integrating sustainable design, sacred geometry, and sacred architectural principles.


As some of the planet’s most biodiverse areas, sacred natural sites include source waters, wetlands, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, estuaries, oceans, reefs, bays, trees and forests, caves, mountains, deserts, and open plains.

  • These sites are served and protected by spiritual guardians, including totemic species and human wisdom keepers of ancient spiritual knowledge.
  • For indigenous and traditional peoples, sacred natural sites support their spirituality and ways of life by keeping heritage, cultural identity, ethnolinguistic diversity, livelihoods, and traditional ecological knowledge alive. They are also part of a vital web that helps Earth fulfill her cosmic role in the greater universe.
  • The sacredness of these places is infused with biocultural, astronomical, and energetic dimensions – all interlinked.

To protect sacred natural sites, we must embrace an ecocentric approach that prioritizes the rights of Nature over our human demands and expectations.

This includes protecting the spiritual guardians and indigenous communities who serve and protect sacred places.

The ASSEGAIA Declaration for the Protection of Sacred Sites

The ASSEGAIA Declaration is the first declaration to invoke the rights of Nature and Spiritual Guardians, establishing an ecocentric model for protection. 

Presented by the ASSEGAIA Alliance, the landmark document launched January 21st during the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos. In support of the Declaration, indigenous Elders held simultaneous ceremonies at sacred sites around the world.

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ASSEGAIA Global Conference 

South Africa: August 13-19, 2019

Held in the sacred ancestral heartlands of the White Lions, this groundbreaking conference gathered an international delegation of indigenous leaders, scientists,
conservationists, environmental lawyers, spiritual guardians, human rights experts, and global NGOs to establish a new paradigm for sacred natural sites protection.

The event resulted in the drafting of the ASSEGAIA Declaration and the establishment of the ASSEGAIA Alliance for the Protection of Sacred Natural Sites.


These ancient structures are part of a global network of sacred sites located along Earth’s electromagnetic ley lines with precise astrological alignments. 

They are powerful reminders of our past with sacred architecture that still leaves many mysteries unsolved and questions unanswered. Ancient sacred sites include Giza, Stonehenge, Rapa Nui, Teotihuacan, Ollantaytambo, Puma Punku, Göbekli Tepe, Babylon and more.

Once symbols of human technical achievement and spiritual potential, most ancient sites have lost their sacred meaning for the modern world. They are overrun with commercial tourism, controlled and restricted by governments, damaged by political conflict, or simply forgotten. 

To understand their importance and meaning, we need to preserve ancient sites and discover new information about their construction and purpose.

THE GIZA PROJECT – Restoration of the Osiris Complex 

Egypt – 2020-2021                  

This project supports opening the subterranean Osiris Complex to the public for the first time in modern history. Preparation includes cleaning, restoring, and conserving the complex as well as establishing a new lighting system and installing new ladders and walkways.

Led in partnership with The Evol Foundation.



Our recently opened third scope includes supporting the conceptual development and creation of new sites that reconnect us to Nature and our own sacredness.

This includes inviting the sacred into our homes, workplaces, and communities with the application of sacred geometry, sustainable design, and sacred architectural principles.