The concept for the Council of Twelve Masters originally began in 2004, when spiritual advisor Jyoti (Jeneane) Prevatt, PHD, had a vision of an indigenous grandmothers’ council to address the current threat to their healing traditions in the face of modern westernization.This led to her creation of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. They have met across the world for each of the last ten years to pray for healing of the planet. In 2014, social and environmental investor Lawrence Bloom proposed recreating another council, under the auspices of the United Nations, to raise humanity’s consciousness, for the benefit of the planet and all of her inhabitants. Lawrence is Secretary General of the Be Earth Foundation, a UN Inter-Governmental Organisation. Le Ciel Foundation was created to complete this mission, among others, and started the search for the spiritual masters in September 2016. We are honored and filled with gratitude to have been guided into making this vision a reality, and to have the privilege of working in close relationship with Jyoti and her extended community.

Throughout their history, indigenous cultures, in the face of extreme pressure, have successfully maintained a deep understanding of how to live in harmony with Nature. These ancestral Wisdom Traditions hold many essential keys, in the form of both practical and spiritual wisdom, to redress the balance between Nature and Humanity.

In November 2017, Le Ciel brought together twelve highly spiritually evolved Masters from indigenous and wisdom cultures across the globe to meet at the United Nations in New York City. These Masters  meditated on solutions to implement a more ecological society as well as how to spread this consciousness on a global scale.  Following this, Le Ciel will host a symposium bringing together this Wisdom Council with innovators, investors and global influencers. Together, they will work on delivering an actionable plan to help transform social, environmental and economic paradigms. The symposium will address some of the most important issues facing the planet today, through solution-oriented workshops that will range from educational and financial models, to sustainable energy solutions and climate change. This will be an opportunity to integrate indigenous wisdom into our modern worldview, thus shifting from a perspective of Separation between humanity and the natural world, to one of Interconnectivity.

These twelve participants, between whom there is an entirely flat hierarchy, have been chosen for their unique possibilities to lead change. The encounter combined the Twelve’s specific keys to maximize their contribution to humanity: their profound understanding of how to live on this Earth in harmony with Nature.

Grandmother Aama Bombo from Nepal, Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein and Marie Meade from Alaska, Grandmother Julieta Casimiro from Mexico, Master Aba Gebrewahid from Ethiopia, Master Kgomxoo Tixhao and Master Kgao Qame from Botswana, Master Mamo Evangelista from Colombia, Master Hiroyuki Aoki from Japan, Master Barbara Gibson-Thorpe from Australia,  Master Floriza Pinto from Brazil,  Master Lyudmila Khomovna, Master Phra Kru Samatah Vikrom from Thailand and Master Atome Ribenga have all taken a seat at the Council.