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Friday 15th October 2016

5 am wake up call to see the sun rise. Another day of initiations: a day full of realizations and teachings for us all.

We are finding it harder and harder to tolerate certain unconscious behaviours from people around us who are very forward with women and adamant in their ways. We are forced to overcome and accept the fact that we can not help someone who simply does not want to listen and remains unaware of their behaviours.


 Lucy and I are saddened by being treated this way by men, and are confronted with our own personal expectations and frustrations that are amplified under the intensity of the trip. In this state, that very afternoon, we find ourselves at a church where women aren’t allowed to visit and look on unsettled as the men climb another cliff face to this 5th century monastery. Despite this, everything is ok, we find our way out of the woods of disheartenment and into acceptance.



 We discover the first place without smiles, or diversity, where we feel pressured to give money. The men go up. Manu sums up their experience:

 After the absolute light of the monastery tucked away high in the mountains yesterday, we discover the darker side of this land. We knew since before yesterday and from the story of Lucy and Tinko’s breaking cameras that this was all in preparation for tomorrow’s meeting with the Master who is the guardian of the balance point between light and dark. It was therefore important for us to know and recognise the two.


 To bless everything: the rain. Our guide had however told us that it never ever rains this season!

 And then, the magical moon that welcomes us to the night is so beautiful.






Story by Sophie Monpeyssen