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Our story

Humanity is facing unprecedented ecological and societal crises. 

Le Ciel Foundation recognises that one of the main root causes of this crisis is a systemic separation between the material and the spiritual: our society has forgotten how to instil daily actions with purpose, values and principles that integrate within a global vision based on interconnectivity and collaboration with all life. And so, each one of our initiatives exists to catalyse this much-needed transformation. 

Guided at every step by the values of wisdom traditions, we adopt a holistic and multi-layered approach to impacting change, addressing our individual and collective beliefs, behaviours, actions and systems.

Le Ciel Foundation was founded in 2017, by nine international co-founders aged between 25 and 50. 

We’re a group of dedicated people from all walks of life who answered the urgent call to come together to be in service of each other’s mission in order to help usher in a new era, led by the values of harmony, hope, authenticity, evolution, collaboration and love. We view the foundation as a perfect template to discover and know ourselves better and learn through every experience we are invited to go through. For us, every situation is a matter of learning and we are grateful for the journey.

Our principles of co-operation, both internally and externally, are inspired by nature’s ecosystems and are the very essence of our work and the services we provide through Le Ciel Foundation.

Each one of us holds a small part of a common project and like in ancient times, we believe that alone we cannot do much. Every person who works in the foundation is key.  We work together for the good of one thing- the success of a joint mission that spreads out across numerous projects, over many years.

Of course, biographical information can be provided but the important thing is not what each one has already done but what each one can give and do together. Working with a group synergy based on being true from the heart,  each one can quickly develop their potential and discover for themselves unexpected capacities. Union and unity bring to life evolution and the opening of possibilities.

Please see our Bios, Charter of Ethics and the Articles of Governance to learn more about Le Ciel Foundation and its team.

We bridge ancestral wisdom and our current reality and modern technology, keeping in eyesight the necessity for all life forms on the planet to flourish in harmony.

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