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The Twelve

Film marketing and PR  £104,000

In order for the Elders’ wisdom to be widely diffused, we are using a free distribution model. The film is available online for streaming and downloading with a media kit that includes a filmed Q&A for people to organise screenings within their own communities and to create collective experiences around these messages.

£104,000 will support marketing and PR efforts to propogate the film globally, as well as supporting the creation of a community platform for people to come together as a community, exchange ideas and bring them to life.

The Twelve

Translation in Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic…  £30,000

To ensure that the film can be seen by the greatest number of people across the world, we are intending  to translate the film subtitles into Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Arabic.



Wisdom and Nature 2020

Event production £123,000

In 2017, Le Ciel Foundation and Phillips hosted the first Wisdom and Nature Exhibition in London, Paris and New York, in honour and celebration of Nature and ancestral wisdom.

Building on the success of the first edition, our second Wisdom and Nature exhibition and auction in 2020 will bring together a new collection of artworks from around the world that capture experiences and perceptions of interconnectivity in different cultures.

Artworks will be sourced from established and emerging artists whose ethos resonates with the values of Le Ciel Foundation, with particular focus given to artists whose practice is rooted in the communities of the Council Elders.

In collaboration with Christie’s auction house, Wisdom and Nature 2020 will be on display in New York and London. The exhibition will culminate in an auction sale in aid of Le Ciel Foundation and in particular in support of the solutions currently being developed by the Holistic Vision Symposium as well as the Council Elders’ communities.

The exhibition and auction will cost £123,000 to produce. This covers framing, shipping, printing, insurance, storage and catering costs.



Holistic Visions 2019

Event production costs £310,000

A follow up event to the Holistic Visions Symposium that took place in November 2018, an event which brought together investors, innovators and influencers from all corners of the world. Together, they considered some of Humanity’s deepest challenges and co-designed holistic, innovative solutions they will implement over the next year.

The participants continue to work together, as they develop and implement the solutions that emerged from the Holistic Visions Symposium. These solutions will be tested and refined over the next year and participants will have the opportunity to come together again in November 2019 to continue their work in person.

£310,000 covers the hotel/conference centre for the duration of the event, food and drinks, bursaries for participants who would not otherwise be able to participate, carbon offsetting and production costs.


Holistic Visions Group Interconnected Projects

STEP 1 £185,000

Groups are currently developing fully interconnected projects around:

Structured, clean, vibrational and living water for everyone; New cycles of life or new energies and structural systems to give just a few examples. The goal is to have these project implemented and tested within the year to prove their viability, scalability and affordability.


Holistic Visions Group 7 Project

Environmental and cultural restoration £95,000

The Council of Twelve and Above are driving a project to restore balance and harmony on Earth. The Kogi and Wiwa from Colombia have identified sacred sites around the world and have been working to restore these sites through sacred architecture, ceremonies and by recovering sacred objects. Through this project, they will protect land, nature and the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of many indigenous communities, and rebalance the energetic meridians of the Earth.

£95,000 covers travel costs to the different sites, allows us to protect the land around these sites, build architectural structures and hire lawyers to rapatriate stolen objects onto their respective sacred sites.

Holistic Visions Group 2 Project

ONE ANCIENT FUTURE  – A Global Alliance for Sacred Sites 

Initiated by spiritual masters and guided by indigenous wisdom keepers, we are the first sacred sites alliance to source and apply spiritual intelligence for protecting the planet’s sacred network. This begins with understanding the powerful energetic matrix that connects sacred sites around the Earth, known and honored by original peoples for thousands of years.

Located on a grid of electromagnetic ley lines with precise astrological alignments, these sites once provided spiritual sustenance to all living beings and the planet itself. They kept us connected to our own sacredness and in balance with a sustainable, ecological existence. Today, they have been destroyed, harmed, or forgotten.


Holistic Visions Group 11 Project


Love and Righteousness is committed to supporting humanity reconnect to the vibration of universal love. The group is in the midst of a 6 month experiment to discover how best to help people feel unconditional love within themselves, to be able to tap into this energy at any time.


Holistic Visions Group 3 Project


Inspired by forest root systems and indigenous traditions, the Families and Communities, Holistic Visions working group, are beta testing community or ‘Mycelium Dinners’ designed to rebuild trust, love and connection. Alongside this, they are exploring the right framework to help families reconnect and find a common ground.


Environmental conservation in Gabon  £15,000

Working in partnership with Blessings of the Forest, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity and plantlife in Gabon, we will catalogue native plants and through this, support their preservation. Alongside this, native plants that are indispensable to the natural biodiversity and ecological balance of flora and fauna in Gabon will be replanted across the country. These projects support the development of a local sustainable economy and will be run by locals.

£15,000 will enable us to start working on the catalogue of native species with the support of government and locals, and will allow us to participate in the replanting native species projects.


Indigenous Intangible and Cultural Heritage Research  £65,000

To be able to preserve indigenous knowledge and communities, and to spread this knowledge to the western world, Le Ciel Foundation will continue building close relationships with indigenous communities around the world.

Support of Educational project in Botswana

The Xai Xai community project, supported by Le Ciel Foundation in 2018, has been a great success. Locals would like to continue this initiative, keeping educational youth camps alive and spreading programmes across the Kalahari desert.

£15,000 will enable this project to be continued and to discover through collaboration with locals, more indigenous elders who can support and share their knowledge.

Research and partnership development -Colombia

We’ve been working closely with the Kogi and Wiwa from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia for the past 2 years. Le Ciel Foundation financed their community project in 2018; these funds enabled locals to build a community structure through ancestral building techniques.

£15,000 will enable the Le Ciel Foundation team to travel to Colombia to continue building relationships built on trust and love with native elders and to discover how to support and spread the knowledge of the elders to the youth.


Research and partnership development- other indigenous cultures

We would like to extend our travel to meet indigenous elders from different parts of the world. Through these connections and the invaluable time spent together, we are able to learn from these communities and translate this knowledge to a wider audience through tangible projects we can support.

£35,000 will enable us to explore and discover other indigenous communities, whose knowledge can support a paradigm shift in the western world, and who we can support through community projects.






Project SDG+   £270,000

A platform showcasing humanity’s potential to co-create better systems and conscious solutions that work for all living beings and the planet.

In 2020, during the 50th anniversary of the World Economic Forum in Davos, SDG+ will present an experiential space which will give a voice to the unheard, such as the indigenous communities of this world other marginalised groups; showcase holistic solutions that honour the interconnectedness of the SDGs; reintroduce ancient wisdom into our modern world and support entrepreneurs and investors who act with heart and purpose. This event will create a template that can be replicated in cities and conferences around the world, in support of local initiatives for people and planet.

This project is being developed in partnership with the Global Impact Alliance and the Global Sustainability Initiative.

£270,000 will support event organisation and logistics to launch this project.


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