Le Ciel Foundation is a registered charity n° 1181658

Our Mission

Le Ciel Foundation was founded with the mission of restoring harmony and ecology on a global scale through cultural, spiritual and environmental projects that address Humanity’s disconnect to Nature.

We’re a group of dedicated people from all walks of life who answered the urgent call to raise consciousness globally in order to help usher in a new era, lead by the values of harmony, hope, authenticity, evolution and collaboration.

Le Ciel Foundation is a charity whose first mission was to channel the wisdom of indigenous masters to our modern culture of separation, so we may return to a way of living and being, based on spirituality, ecology and oneness.

We want to bridge ancestral wisdom and modernity in order to fashion a responsible and sustainable future combining values and principles inherited from wisdom traditions and advanced technology and ways of living.

Our principles of co-operation, both internally and externally, are inspired by nature’s ecosystems and are the very essence of our work and the services we provide through Le Ciel foundation.

 Le Ciel Foundation was designed with a set of core values and an ethical charter that are the cornerstone of everything we do.

It’s our mandate that these values of transparency and service be shared through an ever-expanding, ever-evolving ecosystem of partners, members, curators, friends, and collaborators to bring about the change so urgently needed in this world on a global scale

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