Le Ciel Foundation is a registered charity n° 1181658

Our approach and impact

We believe in a world of harmony and balance where all life, including humans, animals, vegetal and mineral life forms, on Earth and beyond are respected.

We are here to catalyse a rapid shift in paradigm, to evolve to a way of living and being based on spirituality, ecology and oneness.


To create this better world, we focus on three foundational pillars : 

Education because learning to understand and navigate our reality with the right tools and experiences is an everyday need to fulfil our soul, and grow as people.

Inclusion because it’s time to let go of the separation the system has embedded throughout society, to finally embrace the rich complexity of oneness. We are all Brothers and Sisters, part of Nature.

Preservation because we can’t only be grateful for all we receive from Nature. From the food we eat and the land we live on, to the infinite source of knowledge she offers and the privileged experience of living on this Earth. It’s time to give back.

To pave this path, we produce educational and engaging media content, solution-oriented workshops, gatherings and events with the potential of creating individual and collective change.

We are creating a model for society governed by a sense of community, values and principles to guide all actions for the greater good.

We promote unity, transformation, interconnectivity, and evolution by recognising that all life is part of a whole. We are here to transform perspectives and interconnect consciously to evolve from a state of ignorance to a state of being conscious.

It is our responsibility to spread values of integrity, collaboration, reciprocity, simplicity, transparency, unity and evolution by thinking, being and acting in alignment with these values until we fully embody them.

To bring about the change so urgently needed on a global scale, these values need to be diffused through an ever-evolving ecosystem of co-creators.


Why now?

Across the globe, the message from indigenous Elders is the same.

We have 2 years to change our current trajectory and embrace our true place in the global, universal plan, in full humility.

2024 will be a turning point for humanity and the chance to go from a revolution (circling to the same point humanity is at today) to a transcending evolution, spiraling up towards the unknown.

This sense of urgency is reinforced by reports from the U.N.’s intergovernmental panel on Climate Change (IPCC), urging society to drastically reduce its carbon footprint on the Earth and change its ways.

It’s time to act.

We bridge ancestral wisdom and our current reality and modern technology, keeping in eyesight the necessity for all life forms on the planet to flourish in harmony.

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