MEXICO-Wisdom Master

Julieta Casimiro
Huautla de Jimenez, Mexico

thumb_fullsizerender_1024When we are exploring the exotic places in Oaxaca , Mexico, we arrive at Huautla of Jimenez. It is in this place near the heaven where the eagles fly above the mountains, we can meet Grandmother Julieta Casimiro of Pineda. We have an interest to know: who is she? what does she do? why does she do it? In this place her name is well known.

She says, she was just married with Sr. Lucio Pineda Carrera, when her mother in law, Mrs. Regina Carrera Calvo, recognized her as a medicine woman. She started working as a medicine woman through the use of the medicinal plants, specifically the use of sacred plants, the Ninos Santos, (ingestion of the Holy Children).

She talked about the year 1950, but in 1968 she started to give support to the national and foreign tourists that in this moment still visit this place.

¨At this time, I open the doors of my home and give my friendship, my work.  I did it with humility and for humanity, because these moments were critical for the tourist in Huautla.

I want to clarify, that in these moments, my husband and I gave the best of each, and our main focus was the respect of the use of the Holy Children, because we knew the importance, responsibility and commitment of this task.

In this place, since ancient times, the families have used this medicine.  They always had a lot of respect, prudence and finesse. Today we hold it in the same way, because the reach obtained from the experience of the Holy Children is big and beautiful. It is the meeting with God and his nature. Today I´m the Grandmother.  I have walked and lived about 80 years.

During this  time, I have received the experience and gathered more tools.  I have a specific place  in my home to hold the ceremony with the ingestion of  Holy Children. 

Through my spiritual surrender, I see results in people who have had the opportunity to live the experience with me.  This way I profess my faith in  God for humanity.

It is like a plant when we sow consciousness in this way. You put it in the necessary soil of oneself. It grows. It becomes firm, strong, and you get the fruits.

So we are this way. We begin with the strength of youth to grow as this plant. We take light and our efforts inspire us.  We become strong and very sure of our branches and our roots. That is how we plant the values that we use.

Today the value is found in the use and ingestion of the Holy Children. This can help whomever wishes to venture into this ancestral cosmogony.

During forty years, the Holy Children showed Dona Julieta how to give the opportunity for all to get love, feel the faith, get peace, and the hope that is lacking in humanity.

Her intention is that people get the experience in the Holy Children ritual and return healthy and pleased;  happy to return home.

Dona Julieta’s wish is that in our walk around the world we carry this seed of light.

We carry these light seeds with truth and friendship. We unite to heal our Mother Earth, our home, and our families.  Mother Earth provides us with every thing, so it is possible to get harmony, peace and love.     

God purify our hearts, free our spirit, clean our body and our minds. Enlighten us all to get the harmony of the universe.

God bless the universe, with it´s light and it´s love.

Bueno esto es una pequeña introduccion acerca del trabajo de la abuela Julieta con el fin de utilizarla en el proyecto que estamos iniciando.