Le Ciel Foundation is a registered charity n° 1181658


We, Le Ciel Foundation co-founders,

  • are in service,  to Nature, to Humanity, to the balance between both,
  • work in consideration of Nature and the generations to come,
  • acknowledge and respect all life including planet Earth,
  • recognise that everything is constantly evolving, 
  • avoid wasting,
  • keep a constant eye on the global picture, 
  • are in service to Humanity’s evolution,
  • live in the present moment,
  • observe the synchronicities in everyday life, 
  • are grateful for the opportunity to work together on what matters to us, 
  • talk and act from the heart,
  • do not judge,
  • do our best to stay centred and conscious, and to cultivate and spread light in everything we do,
  • operate in full transparency,
  • respect and love our partners and collaborators,
  • act for the greater good and collaborate without competitive mindsets,
  • respect, live and work with the sacred within, outside of any dogma or religion, 
  • take care of our whole being: body, heart, spirit, mind,
  • keep our calm in challenging situations, 
  • stop, regroup and meditate- especially in a time of crisis, 
  • keep faith that we’ll be guided to a positive outcome, even in the midst of difficulties,
  • transform rather than destroy, 
  • support missions aligned with our own,
  • communicate our needs and issues truthfully and respectfully,
  • act as one and use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ in every possible situation,
  • take every decision in collaboration, as one, under guidance,
  • respect personal processes we can all go through, without judgement, 
  • recognise the importance of constant self-improvement, 
  • stay positive and happy in our exchanges,
  • are kind to each other,
  • strive every day to better understand and integrate life’s teachings,
  • aim to fully embody our set of values and principles with joy every day!

We bridge ancestral wisdom and our current reality and modern technology, keeping in eyesight the necessity for all life forms on the planet to flourish in harmony.

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1A Redcliffe Mews
SW109JT London, UK
Uk Registered charity n°118658


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