Le Ciel Foundation is a registered charity n° 1181658

Core Values and Ethical Charter

Our 7 Key Values  :

Integrity, Collaboration, Simplicity, Transparency, Unity, Authenticity and Evolution.


Our Ethical Charter :


  •  operate in total transparency;
  • work in consideration of nature;
  • respect every living thing;
  • respect equality between members;
  • act from the heart;
  • recognise the importance of constant self work and improvement;
  • never lose focus of the global picture;
  • cultivate light in everything we do;
  • hold it in challenging circumstances;
  • stay centred and aware at all times;
  • are in gratitude for the common work and everything around it;
  • operate as a team in a state of trans-personality and never take things personally;
  • all live in the present moment;
  • transform rather than destroy;
  • believe everything is valid information and should be shared with all members of the ecosystem;
  • stay positive and happy during exchanges and while working together;
  • take care of all aspects of ourselves (body, mind, spirit);
  • are all working towards the same mission, even if there are complications, we keep the faith that everything will turn out ok;
  • take decisions as a whole / as a group;
  • are kind to each other;
  • stop and meditate, especially in crisis;
  • observe the synchronicities in everyday life and events;
  • use “We” instead of “I” in every possible situation;
  • are spreading light in everything we do, amongst ourselves and upon others;
  • give people space to talk and know when not to talk;
  • respect, live our lives and work with the sacred under no religion;
  • never judge;
  • remember to ask why after every action or decision;
  • respect the process that people go through and always look at the context without judgement;
  • communicate our needs and issues truthfully in a very respectful way;
  • respect the other’s missions, priorities, tasks, time and space;
  • recognise everything is constantly evolving;
  • are always proactive;
  • keep it simple;
  • put a group intention on the action after every decision.


photo ©Sidney Régis

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