In November 2017, a remarkable, one-of-a-kind event took place in New York City.

Twelve of the most spiritually advanced Masters from different indigenous and wisdom traditions around the globe came together to form a council and meditate on the current state of urgency our planet is facing, to manifest the starting point of a deep transformation within society, to adjust humanity’s path, both on physical and spiritual planes, and to install a real possibility for global change.

Never before had such a meeting taken place, and never has it been so dreadfully needed. This is an exceptional gift that indigenous and wisdom cultures are offering  the world.

In late 2018,  the Wisdom & Nature Symposium will take place.

During three days, the Masters and over a hundred innovators, investors and influencers will address the fundamental tenets of a more balanced, ecologically-minded society, inspired by uncorrupted indigenous examples.

By combining ancient wisdom with modern scalability, the end goal is to inaugurate innovative, concrete, and financed solutions to regenerate, protect and nurture both humanity and the Earth.

Why this symposium

Indigenous traditions hold solutions to many of the world’s problems created by mankind. By respecting nature and operating within its framework at their micro level, they benefit from its gifts and succeed in living in cooperation and harmony with ones another and the Earth. This wisdom is a vital source of inspiration in the search for solutions to our global problems.

The masters- highly conscious beings who hold twelve key principles of Mother Nature and represent the voices of indigenous wisdom cultures- will participate in the entire symposium by sharing their views and solutions on fundamental topics.

They are shining examples of our goal: to reintegrate a respect for nature and all living beings in our current world paradigm, and to bring humanity back to global prosperity through harmony and flow with the universe (of which we humans constitute only a very small part).

The symposium aims to unite the right people to successfully turn the indigenous and wisdom traditions’ micro solutions into scalable and practical global solutions, with guidance and support from the masters.

The three-day symposium

The event is organized around 11 solution-oriented workshops (see the list of workshop topics below). The topics will address some of the most important issues facing the planet today, ranging from educational and financial models to sustainable energy solutions and agriculture. The workshops will be an opportunity to integrate indigenous wisdom into our modern worldview, thus shifting from a perspective of Separation between humanity and the natural world, to that of Interconnectivity and Oneness.

Real change will not arise from global political consensus but rather from private actions– imagining, financing and setting in motion solutions that can be replicated on a global scale.

The workshop teams will be comprised of out-of-the-box innovators, experts, influencers, industry leaders, capital investors and patrons who have already shown how thinking and operating in integrity, openness and respect for Nature and Mankind is fertile ground for success. Combining skills, ideas and resources under a Master’s guidance will enable these teams to come up with new, innovative and pragmatic solutions.

Combined, these solutions will form an actionable plan to help transform social, environmental and economic paradigms, which will be entitled, The Manifesto for Ecology, Harmony and Balance on Earth.

The Workshop Participants

An important criteria for selecting participants is that they are committed to driving change on a global level- people who can transcend limitations, rules and common beliefs, manifest their ideas and achieve major goals in this lifetime.

Every participant’s input is, of course, very important. As is their capacity to come prepared. This is why each participant will be put in touch with other members of their workshop several months prior to the meeting through a community platform that will enable them to learn about everyone’s background, ideas, skills, resources and, generally, to exchange as a group.

The symposium is only three days long. Efficiency and inspiration is of the essence.

Of course, this preparation period will be supported, energetically and spiritually, by all of the Masters, as well as thousands of people through intention, so that inspiration and the right dynamic flow in a common direction.

We hope that this short introduction captures the essence of what we can achieve through this event and how this symposium marks a turning point and historic milestone in a time of great need.


The 11 Wisdom & Nature workshops

1 – Financial Systems

Fair trading in the new world economy.

2 – Multi-Dimensional Education

The micro, mezzo and macro: a new way of learning for a better way of living.

3 – Sacred Sites and Architecture

The recognition that sacred sites are fundamental to the running of the planet and the need for them to be respected, protected and integrated into the planet’s infrastructure and architecture.

4 – Agriculture and Permaculture

Facilitating a return to biodynamic and sustainable methods of farming.

5 – Cleansing the Earth

How to detox and regenerate the land, forests, water cycles, rivers and oceans.

6 – Water and Hydrology

How to bring vitality and fair use back into the hydrological cycle.

7 – A ‘new’ approach to Families and Communities

From global to local to individual – the re-organisation of community living.

8 – Transportation and Reforestation

New paradigms factoring in the real costs of transportation to compensate Nature.

9 – The Birth of a New System

New alliances, new governance and the decreasing influence of nation states and politics.

10 – Renewable Energies

Consolidation of best practices and innovations, including the implementation of spiritual technologies.

11- Connections and Values

Bringing Mankind back into harmony with Nature