Trailer with English Subtitles

The Twelve is a feature length documentary that will share the knowledge and wisdom of these twelve indigenous wisdom tradition Masters.

The film will be told exclusively through their voices. Focusing more intensely on a few, we will visit the habitats of these peoples, exploring alternative ways of being, connecting, seeing, breathing, living and experiencing. After discovering them in their native countries, we will set off with them on the journey to New York for the Wisdom Council.

The Twelve will capture the cultures’ lifestyles and environments and show how they see our world and what solutions they suggest to reverse the damage done to the planet. Some of the questions we will ask are: What environmental issues are these Masters facing today and what motivates them to leave their homes and unite together for the first time?

We will listen to their insights for the world: their traditions and rituals, how they relate to the land, the animals, the plants, one another, their connection to nature, the structure of their society, the way they educate and raise their children, and their spiritual practices.

Each of these cultures holds a different piece to this greater puzzle of innate wisdom and connection to the Earth – knowledge that is collectively held by indigenous cultures across the globe. The time has come to listen to an ancient wisdom and to share it amongst each other.

The film is being shot on 4K cameras capturing the beauty and magic of these ancient cultures, offering multi-dimensional solutions to humanity’s core environmental and social challenges.